You can create, record and sell your amazing online course idea and make at least $800 in 30 days guaranteed.


This online training is your simplest guide to creating, recording and selling an online course without spending a fortune even if it is your first time.

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Feedback & Reviews

I have been a part of Ikwuagwu Igwe’s training and I can say that he delivers massive value. His knowledge of his subject is deep and awe inspiring. He’s someone you should definitely listen to. God bless you pastor.

-Mide Adeoye

Lead Pastor at ICG, Mind Management #Coach, Entrepreneur

I recommend Ikwuagwu Igwe’s training to anyone who wants to move forward in life.

It was a totally welcomed idea for me to join the start your on line ministry considering that the church has gone digital in this age and era. The class was revealing and affirming. It was very instructive and I like the fact that the issues I tried to shove aside, the actual barriers to engagement were broken down and revealed. 
I recommend this for anyone who currently influences other people who plans to become an influencer on social media. Churches should send their staff and media crew to learn and ask questions in this class.

Tosin Babalola

Lead at SOAR ministries

I took a website development course (FREE) with Mr Ikwuagwu Igwe. During the course, I kept asking myself if all these were free. The depth at which he taught. The topics he covered. No one would teach that for free. Right now, I’m developing my own business website by myself and would launch soon.


Esther Nkem-Ochi

Business Consultant


it is absolutely possible to create , record and sell your own online course without a computer because this training also teaches you how to create an online course like a pro using just your smart phone.

A whole section has been dedicated to teach you how to overcome camera shyness because your audience appreciates you more when they can see you. But on the other hand there is also a section dedicated to show you how to still create your online course without coming before a camera.

Although this training will run for 2 weeks, you will still have access to the instructor and the training lessons, videos, support and resources for up to 12 months.

This training is absolutely flexible because once you gain access into the training platform, you can always catch up in case you missed any of the sessions. We understand how busy you are and the importance of class participation in your learning process.

We understand that not everybody has the flair and patience to sell so this training provides you with proven sales templates you can use to make your sales. These are the same templates successful sales reps have used to make millions. All you need to do is copy and paste and you are good to go.

This training has simplified online course creation and recording so much that if you can take a selfie with your smart phone then you don’t have anything to worry about because you can equally record your own online course like a pro after this training.

From the first day of this training, you will start creating and selling your own online course. This training has a practical hands on approach to learning and practice.

This training exposes you to several options and platforms where you can host your online course for visibility and sales.

Ikwuagwu Igwe, is a respected coach who mentors several authors and content creators all over Africa to create valuable and solution based contents which has generated well over 100 Million Naira

I want to show you very simple ways you can create, record and sell your amazing online course idea with proven and profitable strategies even if it is your first time and you will make $800 in 30 days.

Yes, you heard me right. You can make $800 in 30 days with your online course if you take this training.

Unbelievable right? Stop kidding me, we are in an era of technology and I want to burst your bubble by showing you how professional that your online course will look when you sign up for this training.

I am going to teach you the following: (learning outcomes)

1. How to create a bestselling online course title and subtitle.

2. How to prepare and develop your teaching/lesson notes fit for best results.

3. How to prepare your teaching slides for best communication and teaching.

4. How to edit your videos and add subtitles without having to type them.

5. How to blend your slides with your audio recording without breaking a sweat.

6. How to sell your online course to the right audience that can pay you.

7. Plus other added bonuses and perks that comes with attending my trainings like: how to run ads on Facebook and google

This Online Training contains how:

  • You will be able to create and come up with your own unique online course even if you don’t know where to start.
  • You will gain clarity on what you can teach as an online course.
  • You will know what people are willing to pay to learn.
  • You will learn how to turn your knowledge and experience into so much cash.
  • I will help you turn your experience whether negative or positive into an income source.
  • You will be able to stand out as an authority in your field with the right online course that solves actual human problems.
  • You will create a course that gives you daily alerts that will make you $800 eventually in 30 days.


  •  Access to my personal online course creation template.
  • Access to me as your accountability partner to see to it that you create, record and sell your online course to fetch you $800 in 30 days.
  • Get a free copy of my book on Creating Compelling Solutions for a hungry market.
  • Free hosting on my online course hosting platform.
  • Free landing page design.
  • Free search engine optimization for your online course.
  • A crash course on building sales funnels and design.

Hear what people like you are saying about this training...

I have been creating best selling and profitable online trainings and this one is actually the one that empowers content creators like you who are not techies to utilize their knowledge and experience to solve actual human problems and create solutions that are industry driven with profitable side benefits. This training is promised to change your content creation story.

-ikwuagwu igwe

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like our products over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money. No questions asked!


The investment for this online training is N10,000 but since you are using this one time early bird offer that will soon disappear in 24hrs, you will be paying only 50% which is N10,000 and you will be saving for yourself a whooping sum of N10,000. THIS IS ONLY IF YOU WILL TAKE ACTION NOW!


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If you don’t get this online training now:

  • You may never have another online course creation training this simple and affordable because you will be paying more than double by the time you come back.
  • You will deny yourself another avenue to create a source of income that never runs dry, because you never run out of stock on digital products.
  • You will not have an accountability partner with me that will help you and make sure your dream of creating, recording and selling your online course and make $800 comes to pass.
  • You will not know this secret that is now revealed on how to make $800 in 30 days from your online course.

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