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Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchases & Refunds

It will probably be an issue with your bank's network. We use paystack as our payment gateway and so far they have been very reliable with zero fails.
Refunds are proccessed instantly immediately you notify us by sending us a mail at admin@coursebarter.com stating the reasons for the refund.
Coupons are redeemed at the checkout point of your purchase journey. Input the coupon code at the discount will be calculated automatically by our AI.

Making Courses

As a way to encourage course creators to continue sharing knowledge globally our friendly commission rates ranges from 5-10%
Our process is simple. As long as you can upload and update your status on your favourite social media platforms, you can easily upload your own course and start earning immediately. Simply sign up and create an account, watch the video guide on how to upload your course, then you are good to go.
Each course successfully created and uploaded to our platform comes with a unique link that is ideal for all your marketing plans.

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