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Ikwuagwu Igwe

Ikwuagwu is a high-performance purpose coach. His eclectic approach to purpose-driven life embraces the need for a life of purpose to be introduced in our urban workplaces to achieve organizational goals and targets.

Ikwuagwu is working towards seeing more than 50,000 young people become leaders/entrepreneurs and trained to discover, develop, and deploy their purpose within the next 5 years.

He has authored several books on self-discovery and has pioneered several thought leadership principles in deploying purpose for optimum performance in life.

Ikwuagwu is a tech-savvy Architect, author and one of Africa’s leading Purpose coach who inspires young people daily through his publications, videos, podcasts and online life coaching sessions. He is passionately driven to see young people discover, develop and deploy their purpose in life.

He is the principal at zero1logistics and associates, an Architectural logistics firm based in Abuja, Nigeria with interests in construction logistics, building ecology and design reviews. He is a major contributor to major Architectural reviews in Nigeria. He is also the CEO of Zero1media and Lilys Nuts and Fruits Ventures, both in IT, publishing, social media/internet consults, importation, distribution and light manufacturing. He is a serial idea-prenuer and sits on the board of several multinational companies. He is a self-taught web designer and internet consultant.

Ikwuagwu is a sought after public speaker with a huge youth following, both virtually and physically. He mentors young people with his online courses and events from the platform of www.waterways.com.ng and Ikwuagwuigwe.com

Ikwuagwu has published several sought after books among young people on marriage and relationships, purpose and faith in God. He is available to proffer solutions to corporate challenges, motivate and inspire you in your organization, conference, seminar, and youth events.

He is married to Amarachi who is equally a vibrant public speaker among women and the founder of Thriving up Initiative and Thriving Moms Hub. They have two lovely children, Charis and Nachikamdi.

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