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These are 7 must answer questions ​

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  • Discover your ideal  purpose in life
  • Find clarity on what you should be doing now
  • Gain freedom to live the life you are meant to live
  • Attract the right answers into your life
  • Deploy your purpose in the right direction
  • Create opportunities for your purpose to find expression
  • Impact other lives with your purpose
  • And lots more…

Feedback & Reviews

I have been a part of Ikwuagwu Igwe’s  training and I can say that he delivers massive value. His knowledge of his subject is deep and awe inspiring. He’s someone you should definitely listen to. God bless you pastor.

-Mide Adeoye

Lead Pastor at ICG, Mind Management #Coach, Entrepreneur

It was a totally welcomed idea for me to join the start your on line ministry considering that the church has gone digital in this age and era. The class was revealing and affirming. It was very instructive and I like the fact that the issues I tried to shove aside, the actual barriers to engagement were broken down and revealed.
I recommend this for anyone who currently influences other people who plans to become an influencer on social media. Churches should send their staff and media crew to learn and ask questions in this class.

Tosin Babalola

Lead at SOAR ministries

I took a website development course (FREE) with Mr Ikwuagwu Igwe. During the course, I kept asking myself if all these were free. The depth at which he taught. The topics he covered. No one would teach that for free. Right now, I’m developing my own business website by myself and would launch soon.

Esther Nkem-Ochi

Business Consultant

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